M Missoni

From a humble family business run in Varese, Italy, this high-end luxury label was founded by Ottavio ("Tai") and Rosita Missoni in 1953. Known and loved for its colourful knitwear designs, Missoni is a legend amongst the Italian fashion brands. Renowned for their statement chevron knit wear and excellent craftsmanship, Missoni is a brand that is Tied to the aesthetic, innovation and technological re-invention that has changed the identity of knitwear. M Missoni is a brand vertical for the young and eccentric, with the perfect balance of modern trends, traditional techniques and their personal aesthetic. As the younger cooler sister of the main brand, pattern, colour and eclectic style is almost synonymous with its name. M Missoni has been producing relaxed, fun and quirky products that are more than just. Be a part of their eclectic, colourful and geometric world, shop finds from Missoni at labelcentric.com
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